Statewide Service Organizations

Applications from new organizations will not be accepted for the 2021-22 cycle.


Organizations that provide programs and services to the arts community on a statewide or multi-state regional basis are eligible to apply. Applicants must have had an operating budget of at least $20,000 for the last completed fiscal year. First-time applicants to this category should consult with staff to determine eligibility.


This category provides funds to organizations to serve their members, artists, arts organizations, and the arts community. Funded programs and services may include newsletters, listserv and website management, conferences, workshops, classes, consultations, research, resource publications, presentations, and the development and distribution of promotional materials.

Grant funds support administrative and program expenses directly related to the proposed programs and services. Grant amounts generally range from $5,000 to $25,000 and must be matched dollar for dollar by the organization. Grant amounts are based on the organization’s application rating, operating budget size, and N.C. Arts Council funding history.


In response to the pandemic, all Statewide Service Organizations will submit a modified update application for FY2021-22 grant funds.  The 2021-22 deadline is Monday, May 3, 2021. Applicants will submit the form electronically through the GO Smart portal.

The following information will be requested in the pandemic response update application.

  1. Describe how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected your organization. Provide specific details about impacts on staff, operations, and core programs.
  2. How will your organization use the flexible grant funds to help rebound from the pandemic? Provide specific details regarding expenditures such as staff positions, contractors, facility costs, communications strategies, programs, etc.
  3. Describe your organization's current plans or efforts to address racial and cultural inequities within the organization and the audiences you serve. Include specific information regarding self-assessment strategies, staff and board training, changes in hiring practices, community focus groups, etc.

Note:  The N.C. Arts Council is surveying our primary arts partners to understand the current state of organizations' efforts related to diversity, equity, accessibility, and inclusion.  This data will help us shape future programs and services.

  1. Upload an audit for your most recently completed fiscal year (2019–2020). If you do not have a current audit, upload a 990 or financial statement for the period.
  2. Upload a schedule of programs for the coming fiscal year, if plans have been made.

Grant Application Assistance
North Carolina Arts Council staff are here to assist with grant applications. Visit our application assistance page for resources and grants staff contact information. 

For accessibility questions or accommodation requests, please contact the North Carolina Arts Council's Arts in Education Director & Accessibility Coordinator, Kathleen Collier, at or 919-814-6515.

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Dance and music organizations, contact:
Jeff Aguiar
Email Jeff

Literary, presenting, and theater organizations, contact: 
Jeff Aguiar
Email Jeff

Film and visual arts organizations, contact:
Kathleen Collier
Email Kathleen

Organizations conducting arts-in-healthcare projects or arts projects that serve people with disabilities, contact:
Kathleen Collier
Email Kathleen

Traditional arts organizations, contact:
Zoe van Buren
Email Zoe