Grants for Organizations

The North Carolina Arts Council serves the people of North Carolina by helping to create vibrant communities that are filled with ways for all to engage with the arts and arts-supported education.

Grant guidelines for our FY2024-25 grant cycle are now available. We have made key changes to some of our grant guidelines. We have created two new grant categories: Sustaining Support, for organizations with an operating budget of $75,000+ and at least one half-time staff person; and Project Support, for arts projects that engage audiences. We have also broadened eligibility for two Arts in Education grants to include nonprofit organizations as well as Pre-K—12 schools and school districts and reinstated the Military and Veterans Healing Arts grant program. 

To get started, please review the eligibility guidelines for each grant category on this page to determine which are best for your organization

We will begin accepting grant applications on JANUARY 5, 2024.

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  • Sustaining Support: this new grant replaces two grant categories that we had in previous years, State Arts Resources and Organizational Support. Sustaining Support grants provide operating funds for arts organizations with an overall budget of $75,000 or more and at least one half-time staff person.
  • Project Support: this new grant replaces our pandemic-recovery category, Spark the Arts. Project Support grants support arts projects of all disciplines that are designed to engage audiences. 
  • Arts in Education Artist Residencies and cARTwheels: We have expanded eligibility in these long-standing arts in education grant categories. These grants are now open to nonprofit organizations that provide arts programming for children in grades Pre-K—12. Schools and school districts remain eligible for funding in both grant categories. 
  • Military and Veterans Healing Arts grant program: We have reinstated this program, which was paused during the pandemic. This category supports nonprofit organizations that provide arts programming to benefit veterans, active-duty service, and their families. 

We will continue to offer funding in the following grant categories:

  • Artist Support Grants for Lead Partners
  • Grassroots Arts Program Grants
  • Statewide Service Organizations
  • Technical Assistance Grants
  • Traditional Arts Program for Students (TAPS)

 If you have any questions, please contact the program officer for your art discipline.


Application dates

  • Open: January 5, 2024
  • Due: March 1, 2024 (unless otherwise noted)


Artist Support Grants for Lead Partners

For regional consortia of local arts councils, which award project grants to artists in their regions. This is an invitational category.
View details on Artist Support Grants for lead partners.

Arts in Education Artist Residency Grants

This program provides young people with arts learning experiences that spark creativity, imagination, and innovation. 
View details on Arts in Education Artist Residency grants.

cARTwheels Program Grants

The cARTwheels program provides high quality stage performances and residency experiences to students across the state.
View details on cARTwheels Program grants.

Grassroots Arts Program Grants

Our cornerstone program provides arts funding to all 100 counties through an extensive network of local arts councils and other partners. Funds, distributed on a per capita basis, ensure that all citizens have access to quality arts experiences and benefit from the important role the arts play in their communities. This is an invitational category.
View details on Grassroots Arts Program grants.

LEAD Scholarship Grants

The North Carolina Arts Council’s LEAD Scholarship Grant provides professional development for arts administrators who are new to the field of arts accessibility and who are proactively developing inclusive arts programs and experiences for artists and audiences with disabilities in their communities.
View details on LEAD Scholarship grants.

Military and Veterans Healing Arts Grants

These grants are designed to support arts projects focused on serving North Carolina’s military service men and women, veterans, and their families. All projects must include appropriate outreach activities. Additionally, projects that contribute to the development of this field of work through technical assistance are eligible for support. 
View details on Military and Veterans Healing Arts grants

Project Support Grants

Project Support is a new grant category that replaces Spark the Arts Grants. This category is designed to help organizations that are producing and/or presenting specific arts programs that engage audiences and participants. Organizations may apply for support for exemplary programs in any artistic discipline.
View details on Project Support grants

Statewide Service Organizations

This category supports organizations that provide leadership and services to a particular sector of the arts industry. Funded services include newsletters, conferences, workshops, consultations, and resource publications. SSOs must serve the entire state or a multi-state region inclusive of North Carolina.
View details on Statewide Service Organizations grants.

Sustaining Support for Arts Organizations

Sustaining Support is a new grant category that replaces the State Arts Resources and Organization Support categories. Sustaining Support is designed to help arts organizations in North Carolina that consistently produce arts programs and services that engage audiences and reflect their communities. 
View details on Sustaining Support for Arts Organizations

Technical Assistance Grants

This category provides funds to organizations to hire knowledgeable consultants to strengthen management and programs, sponsor workshops or conferences, develop a resource publication, or engage in community cultural planning.
View details on Technical Assistance grants

Traditional Arts Program for Students (TAPS)

This program provides community organizations (arts councils, schools, community centers) with funding for after-school programs that connect North Carolina students with local traditional artists. TAPS applications are by invitation only.
View details on Traditional Arts Program for Students (TAPS).