Staff Directory

Executive Leadership

Jeff Bell headshot

Jeff Bell

Executive Director (919) 814-6525
Tamara Holmes Brothers headshot

Tamara Brothers

Deputy Director (919) 814-6526
Vicki Vitiello headshot

Vicki Vitiello

Director of Operations (919) 814-6504

Artists & Organizations

Dara Silver headshot

Dara Silver

Senior Program Director  (919) 814-6531
Jamie Katz Court headshot

Jamie Katz Court

Music and Dance Director, Accessibility Coordinator (919) 814-6502
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Theater and Literature Director

Please email Senior Program Director Dara Silver for assistance. 

Arts Learning

Michelle Burrows headshot

Michelle Burrows

A+ Schools Program Director (919) 814-6503
Jennifer Huggins headshot

Jennifer Huggins

A+ Schools Program Coordinator (919) 814-6520
Tom Nevels headshot

Tom Nevels

A+ Schools Professional Development Manager (919) 814-6521
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Laura Walters

A+ Schools Program Administrator (919) 814-6509
Kathleen Collier headshot

Kathleen Collier

Arts in Education Director (919) 814-6515

Creative Economies

Leigh Ann Wilder headshot

Leigh Ann Wilder

Creative Economies Director (919) 814-6508



Janelle Wienke headshot

Janelle Wienke

Arts in Communities Director (919) 814-6506



Marketing & Communications

Diana Pineda headshot

Diana Pineda

Marketing Director 919-814-6517
Sam Gerweck headshot

Samuel Gerweck

Special Projects Coordinator (919) 814-6523

Brenna McCallum headshot

Brenna McCallum

Research Director (919) 814-6505



Ai-Ling Chang headshot

Ai-Ling Chang

Graphic and Website Manager (919) 814-6501




Zoe van Buren headshot

Zoe van Buren

Folklife Director (828) 250-3123



Administrations & Finances

Burdette Southerland headshot

Burdette Southerland

Budget Manager (919) 814-6510
Tanya McGuire headshot

Tanya McGuire

Grants Manager (919) 814-6514
Barbette Hunter headshot

Barbette Hunter

Grants Coordinator (919) 814-6507
Takeema Hoffman headshot

Takeema Hoffman

Program Administrator 919-814-6530