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Our Mission

Founded in 1967 with the democratic vision of "arts for all citizens," the North Carolina Arts Council sustains and grows the arts for the benefit of North Carolinians and their communities.

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What We Do: The Arts Council A-Z

The North Carolina Arts Council delivers resources to arts organizations and artists to support projects and programs of public value that revitalize downtowns, educate and empower North Carolina youths, and fuel a thriving non-profit creative sector that generates over $2 billion annually.

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Arts Across NC Podcast

Arts Across NC Podcast is back with a new season. Join us as we look back on the pandemic and its impact on North Carolina’s arts sector over the last two years. With the help of artists, arts organizations, and arts leaders from all across North Carolina, we are telling the stories of mental struggles, canceled performances, and difficult decisions. The past two years also include stories about innovation, hope, and moments of profound connection.

Image of a pair of headphones on top of a notepad, with the names Nina Simone, The Foreign Exchange, Shana Tucker, and Al Strong written on it

Artists From North Carolina Are Included In President Obama's 2022 Summer Playlist

President Barack Obama released his summer 2022 playlist on July 26, and North Carolina's hip-hop duo The Foreign Exchange joined Nina Simone on the list.

July is Disability Pride Month

July is Disability Pride Month

Here at the North Carolina Arts Council, we work hard to ensure that meaningful arts experiences are available to all of the state’s citizens, including people with disabilities, patients and caregivers in healthcare settings, and older adults.

Spark the arts

Spark the Arts

Rekindle your love for the arts in North Carolina and enjoy the fellowship, vitality, and healing that they spark in our lives. We will be posting exciting events happening throughout the state all season long on our Spark the Arts page.