Signature Projects

Documentary Series Featuring Hip-Hop Legends Little Brother, Justus League

As part of a yearlong celebration of North Carolina’s rich musical history, we are thrilled to unveil a Holland Randolph Gallagher-directed documentary series about the first golden age of North Carolina hip-hop at the turn of the millennium. 

In The Water is a series of intimate concerts featuring North Carolina musicians performing in unique, meaningful locations in the state.

Each episode of In The Water will feature a three- to four-song performance, as well as environmental footage and narration from the artist. The goal is for these elements to collectively paint a picture of the spaces - both literal and metaphorical - that shape the sounds and souls of each musician.

Music at the Mansion

Music at the Mansion is a special concert series celebrating North Carolina’s vibrant and diverse musical traditions hosted by First Lady Kristin Cooper.


From The Mountains to The Sea

From the Mountains to the Sea is a two-hour multimedia/live presentation about Anne and Frank Warner’s folk music collection in North Carolina. Between 1938-1966, Frank and Anne Warner documented nearly one thousand folks songs along the eastern seaboard. Using their free time and spare cash, the Warners created what the Library of Congress (which houses their collections) describes as “One of the great treasures in the American Folklife Center archives.” Though their musical quests took them all over the country, the Warners returned to North Carolina time and time again. From the peaks of the Blue Ridge Mountains to the salty coast of the Outer Banks, traditional musicians from North Carolina captivated their hearts and ears. From the Mountains to the Sea features the voices of the singers, photographs of the tradition bearers and their land, and the insights gained by the Warners as they traveled through rural North Carolina in search of old songs. It’s crafted together and performed by the Warner’s two sons, Gerret and Jeff, who are career filmmakers and musicians. Highlights of the show include an exploration of the Warner's relationship with Frank Proffitt, who they recorded singing "Tom Dooley," in 1941. In 1947 Alan Lomax published the lyrics from that recording in “Folk Song USA,” and 10 years later The Kingston Trio’s recording of the song became a hit, sparking the folk revival movement.

Jeff and Gerret Warner discuss the story behind their touring show "From The Mountains to the Sea"

David Holt's State of Music

Masters of traditional music play tunes and share stories with four-time Grammy winner David Holt on location around the South.