Music At The Mansion With The Harris Brothers

The Harris Brothers are fabulous musicians who are steeped in the cultural traditions of their home region in the western Piedmont and foothills of Caldwell County. They started playing music through the influence of family members and neighbors, who tutored them in country, bluegrass, swing and blues music that you find in and around Lenoir, which was once a furniture making center in North Carolina. They have also immersed themselves in pop music genres and integrate versions of soul, jazz, folk and rock songs into their repertory.

The Harris Brothers performing at the Executive Mansion
The Harris Brothers posing for a photo in front of the Executive Mansion's main staircase

Devoted to their family and community, they arrange their performance schedule so that they don’t have to spend many overnights away from home. Otherwise, they would be touring across the country. Music is a way of life for their family, and on March 28, 2019 they traveled to Raleigh to perform at Music at the Mansion, a special concert series celebrating the 2019 North Carolina Year of Music at the N.C. Executive Mansion. Enjoy their full performance - made possible by the North Carolina Arts Council Foundation - below.


Videographers: Matt Zeher, Laura Casteel

Audio: Matt Zeher

Editing: Matt Zeher

Producers: Carly Jones, Samuel Gerweck, Sandra Davidson

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