Music At The Mansion With Charly Lowry And Friends

On Wednesday, August 28, 2019 singer-songwriter Charly Lowry played a set at the North Carolina Executive Mansion in Raleigh for the Music at the Mansion series, an ongoing program of Come Hear North Carolina hosted by Governor Roy Cooper and First Lady Kristin Cooper.

Charly Lowry was born and raised in Robeson County, North Carolina, the geographic and spiritual epicenter of the Lumbee Native American Tribe of which she is a member. She is known for using her music to shine a light on the culture and traditions of the Lumbee people.

"Music I would say is very central in our lives just because there so many talented people that it’s undeniable," said Charly. "I've had a love affair with music and wanting to entertain since I was a toddler. It's always been something that makes me feel alive."


Charly Lowry and her band
Left to Right: Aaron Locklear, Zachary Hargett, Jonathan Locklear, Charly Lowry, Alexis Raeana, Shawn McNeil, and Brandon McClean | Photo by Sandra Davidson
Charly Lowry and Friends performing at Music at the Mansion | Photo by Linda Fox
Charly Lowry singing alongside her bandmates Shawn McNeil and Zachary Hargett | Photo by Linda Fox


Charly interweaves stories about her musical roots, Robeson County, and historic indigenous musical and cultural pioneers throughout her 60-minute set, which features support by a talented group of musicians from her home community.

Recent American Idol contestants Alexis Raeana Jones and Brandon McClean (Kyng Bea), accompany Charly on vocals and piano respectively; Aaron Locklear joins her on drums, Jonathan Locklear on guitar, Zachary Hargett on bass, and Shawn McNeil on guitar and saxophone.

“It’s a very prestigious honor,” said Charly on the opportunity to perform at Music at the Mansion. “I feel very grateful and blessed to have my career get to this point to where I get to share it with some of my great friends. All I can think about and see in my mind is my late mother’s face and how proud she would be. Because I know she would be here. I just know she would have told the whole community about it, so it’s quite the honor.”

Charly Lowry is getting the band back together on Sunday, November 10 from 3-4 p.m. at the N.C. History Museum in Raleigh. Details here.





Videographers: Matt Zeher, Laura Casteel, Greg Snyder, Tom Normanly

Audio: Matt Zeher, Tom Normanly

Editing: Matt Zeher

Producers: Carly Jones, Samuel Gerweck, Sandra Davidson

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