A+ Schools of North Carolina is transforming education with the philosophy that the arts are fundamental to teaching and learning. A+ supports schools in several extraordinary ways:

Whole School Transformation

Since 1995, A+ has transformed how schools approach their work. Our network of schools teaches the state’s mandated curriculum in a collaborative, multi-disciplined way, with the arts woven into every aspect of a child’s learning experience. Through professional development, technical support and mentoring, each A+ school develops a unique and creative school identity that elevates student engagement and student achievement.  

Students sitting in a circle outdoors


Customized Professional Development

Our staff collaborate with arts organizations and other partners in the field of education to support arts-based projects and strengthen arts-integrated practice. We customize professional development based on the unique needs of individual partners.

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Network of Schools

The A+ network includes schools of all grade levels in rural, suburban, and urban communities across the state, many of which have been A+ since the program began in 1995. Schools in the network benefit from peer learning and sharing experiences, resources, and ideas. As a collective, the network shapes the programs, services, and trainings that are provided by A+ Schools of North Carolina.
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Our Staff

Michelle Burrows
A+ Schools Director
(919) 814-6503

Jennifer Huggins
A+ Schools Program Coordinator
(919) 814-6520

Tom Nevels
A+ Schools Professional Development Manager
(919) 814-6521

Laura Walters
A+ Schools Program Administrator
(919) 814-6509