For Dance Artists

Statewide Resources

North Carolina Dance Festival

The Festival is an annual showcase of North Carolina dance artists that travels to six communities. Unique in the country and now a North Carolina institution, eight different companies will tour, performing alongside artists local to the host communities, making the actual concerts a mix of local and statewide artists.

American Dance Festival

Provides education and training for young dancers, and encourages and supports the creation and presentation of new modern dance work. Click on performances and then performance opportunities to apply to perform during an upcoming ADF season.

National Resources


Dance/USA, the national service organization for professional dance, seeks to advance the art form of dance by addressing the needs, concerns, and interests of professional dance. Website has a variety of resource information and data research on the field.

Creative Capital Foundation

Creative Capital, a New York City-based nonprofit organization, acts as a catalyst for the development of adventurous and imaginative ideas by supporting artists who pursue innovation in form and/or content in the performing and visual arts, film and video, and in emerging fields. They are committed to working in partnership with the artists whom we fund, providing advisory services and professional development assistance along with multi-faceted financial aid and promotional support throughout the life of each Creative Capital project. Creative Capital funds artist projects in four disciplines: visual arts (includes installation art, painting, fiber art, mixed media works, public art, etc.), film/video arts, performing arts (includes music, dance, theater, puppetry, performance art, etc.), and emerging art fields (includes all forms of digital work, and innovative literature). Projects that transcend traditional discipline boundaries are highly encouraged.

International Association of Blacks in Dance

Provides a network, formal newsletters, choreographer’s directory, published papers and an annual conference. The Association also responds to and initiates dialogue around issues that impact the Black Dance Community as well as the community at large. Participants can be members or non-members.

National Dance Project

The National Dance Project (NDP) provides a system of support for the living, growing discipline of contemporary dance, by supporting the production and distribution of dance in the United States. Individuals may nominate projects to receive two types of NDP grants: NDP Production Grants and NDP Touring Grants. Every season, NDP awards 15 to 20 Production Grants, which typically range from $15,000 to $35,000 each. Because NDP views touring as essential to the vitality of dance as an art form, NDP Production Grants are awarded in conjunction with NDP Touring support, which assists a tour of the new work in the season following the work’s creation. NDP Touring Grants support the distribution and presentation (touring) of NDP-funded projects, and projects selected to receive NDP Tour Only support (awarded to projects created without a NDP Production Grant that are complete and ready to tour nationally). Touring Grants are paid directly to performing arts presenters who present one of these projects, and generally range from 15 to 25% of the contracted artist’s fee.

The Field

Offers programs that help independent artists create new artwork, manage their careers, and develop long-range strategies for sustaining a life in the arts.

National Dance Education Organization

Works to advance knowledge in the field of dance education, encourages research and practical application, and promotes quality instruction in dance arts education conducted by qualified teachers of dance.

Dance Notation Bureau

This organization advances the art of dance through the use of a system of notation and creates dance scores using the symbol system called Labanotation. This allows the dances to continue to be performed long after the lifetime of the artist. Dance scores function for dance the same way music scores function for music. A membership organization, however, much information online available to non-members also. Notation Basics, Studying Labanotation, Notating Dances, Staging from the Score, DNB Library, Theory Bulletin Board, Web Library for Teachers and an extensive web link area.