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A+ Schools of North Carolina proudly welcomed five new schools to its network following a five-day series of professional development workshops—the A+ Summer Institute.

A collage of the 5 Artists profiled, from left to right: Terri Campbell Payton 	 Virginia Haze Holmes 	 Tanya Lanier 	 Duane Cyrus 	 Zairis Miles

Story by Kyesha Jennings | Photos by Joseph Headen

The North Carolina Arts Council created the N.C. Artist Support Grant to help individual artists during the pandemic. The program is a partnership of the Arts Council and the state’s extensive local arts council network, which is divided into 18 regions to distribute the grant awards to artists in every corner of the state. Scholar and writer Kyesha Jennings interviewed five of the 385 artists who received the grant in 2020 about their work, the pandemic, and what the grant meant to them. Their stories show the many ways North Carolina artists continue to create meaningful work during this challenging time. 

Colorful graphic for the North Carolina Artist Support Grant

North Carolina Arts Council

Created last year to support individual artists during the pandemic, the N.C. Artist Support Grant program is an opportunity for regional consortia of arts councils to award project grants to local artists. This consortia is now accepting applications for Year 2 of the grant program. Here's what you need to know to apply. 

Art Matters: news from the North Carolina Arts Council

North Carolina Arts Council

The latest edition of our monthly newsletter is out now.


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North Carolina Arts Council

Spark the Arts is a new awareness campaign designed to inspire public participation in the arts across North Carolina by highlighting the unique way the arts lift spirits, bring people together, and heal.