North Carolina Artist Support Grant

FAQ: The North Carolina Artist Support Grant

What is the Artist Support Grant program? 

The Artist Support Grant program, funded by the North Carolina Arts Council, is an opportunity for regional consortia of local arts councils to award project grants to artists in 18 regions across the state. These grants will fund the professional and artistic development of emerging, midcareer, and established artists so they can enhance their skills and abilities to create work or improve their business operations and capacity to bring their work to new audiences.

Am I eligible for an Artist Support Grant?

The Artist Support Grant is intended to support a broad range of talented artists in the genres of visual arts, performing arts, literary arts, music composition, choreography, and interdisciplinary arts. To be eligible to apply, you must have lived in North Carolina for at least one year prior to the application deadline. Eligible candidates must demonstrate a commitment to spending a significant portion of their time on their work as artists. 

What may I use this grant for?

Types of fundable projects are as follows: 

  • Completion/presentation of a new work: Cost of resources necessary for you to complete or present a significant new work (e.g., buying art supplies or equipment—digital may qualify—or space rental)
  • Career promotion: Projects aimed at advertising your work and/or demonstrating your skill level (e.g., websites, portfolios, audiovisual documentation, and online presentation)
  • Training: Costs for you to attend a class or workshop (in-person or virtual) aimed at enhancing either your skill level or professional development (e.g., a master class or workshop taught by acknowledged authorities in your artistic medium)
  • Travel: Costs of transportation, lodging, and food for training, professional conferences, or research as allowed or possible within social distancing guidelines
  • Half of the grant may go toward artist fees.

Where do I apply? 

You will apply through the lead local arts council for your region.
Details for each region’s application process.

When may I apply? 

Deadlines vary from region to region, but most application periods will begin in the summer and close at some point between August and October.
Application deadlines and grant guidelines.

What do I need to prepare to apply?  

Be prepared to write an artist statement and concise yet thorough description of your project. 

Who selects recipients?

Each region’s awardees are determined through a rigorous panel process. A panel of arts professionals with extensive knowledge and experience in various disciplines will review all complete applications. Panelists will be chosen based on the types of applications received, to ensure that each application will be reviewed by an expert in the appropriate art form. Panelists will rate each application based on their assessment of its artistic and project merit. 

Who can answer my questions?

You may get in touch with the lead local arts council for your region or email Leigh Ann Wilder, the N.C. Arts Council’s creative economies director at

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