Artist Support Grants


What are Artist Support Grants?
Artist Support Grants is a program funded by the N.C. Arts Council to provide the opportunity for regional consortia of local arts councils to award project grants to artists in their regions.

Who may apply

These grants support professional artists in any discipline and at any stage in their careers to pursue projects that further their artistic and professional development. Contact the granting local arts council (see Application information) for details.

Scope and allowable expenses

Types of fundable projects include:

  • Creation of new work
  • Purchase of equipment and materials
  • Professional development workshops
  • Travel support for expenses associated with a professional opportunity such as participating in an exhibition or a conference
  • Development or upgrading of promotional materials such as brochures, DVDs, CDs, and websites

Artist fees are also allowable expenses under the new program. Grant amounts vary from region to region. Statewide, most grants are between $500 and $2,000.

Project period

Projects must be completed by December 31, 2025.

Application Information

To apply, reach out to the designated local arts council and contact person supporting your region. A list of participating counties, deadlines for each region, and a primary contact for each consortium are below. Regions are listed from east to west.

Participating local arts council consortiums