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Photo by Sandra Davidson.

In 2018, Jaki Shelton Green made history as North Carolina’s first African American poet laureate.


Writer, digital content creator, and spoken word poet

Jaki Shelton Green and her poetry are both deeply rooted in the North Carolina experience. As our state’s first African American poet laureate, her words soar while keeping us close to the earth: the touch, the smell and the sound of the everyday are made holy in Green’s writing.

Our state Poet Laureate, Jaki Shelton Green, continues her focus on youth programming in efforts to support both literacy and civic engagement across North Carolina through poetry and the literary arts. As part of these efforts, Mrs. Green has partnered with Mr.

Photo by Sandra Davidson.

When we think about how we love the world, we begin with poems of gratitude and hope.
Poetry lifts our sagging spirits.

In celebration of National Poetry Month, North Carolina Poet Laureate Jaki Shelton Green made a playlist of some of her favorite songs. Find her liner notes - and a link to the Spotify playlist below!

For months, students from all across the country have been memorizing and reciting the words of poets such as Tracy K.