A+ Principle Marcus Edge

A+ Principal Spotlight: Marcus Edge

Author: Jennifer Huggins

Marcus Edge, the newest principal at Clarkton School of Discovery, has a special connection to his A+ middle school in Bladen County—he was a Clarkton student from 1997 to 2000! Marcus has returned to lead his alma mater with hopes of strengthening its arts programs and commitment to the A+ Schools philosophy. He shared with us a little about himself, his background in arts and education, and his vision for Clarkton.

Young Marcus Edge at Clarkton School of Discovery
Marcus Edge (center) and fellow students rehearsing for the play “The Gift of the Nile” in 1999. 


A+ Schools: Tell us about yourself and your background as an educator.

Marcus Edge: I was born and raised in Bladen County and attended Bladen County Schools throughout my elementary and secondary education. I received a B.A. in communications from NC State University and a Masters of Teaching in Arts Education from the University of North Carolina at Pembroke. I taught visual arts at West Columbus High School for seven years before pursuing my school administration license. As an administrator, I have served as assistant principal at Bladenboro Primary School, principal at Dublin Primary School, and now principal at Clarkton School of Discovery! In my free time, I enjoy painting, playing the guitar, singing, and traveling with my wife and daughter.

A+ Schools: How did your time as a student at Clarkton impact you?

Marcus Edge: The A+ program at Clarkton School of Discovery had a huge impact on my life and discovering my artistic talents. I was always an artsy kid who enjoyed music and visual arts. The time I spent in visual arts classes under the direction of Theresa Wuebbels at Clarkton School of Discovery taught me the foundational skills I needed to set a path for the rest of my life. I learned so much about the technical aspects of art and how to use them creatively.

A+ Schools: What led you to become principal at Clarkton?

Marcus Edge: The reason I became a school administrator was to impact more people than just the students in my classroom. I did most of my teaching in Columbus County and I was excited to return to Bladen County as an administrator. I know that students in my county need people like me in leadership positions who are passionate about student success and about arts programs. Clarkton was one of the first A+ schools and it is exciting to have the opportunity as principal to revitalize the arts opportunities in our school.

A+ Clarkson School of Discovery
(Left) 8th grade students at Clarkton School of Discovery creating their own “Frankenstein” during a unit of reading Mary Shelley’s story, “Frankenstein.” (Right) “Frankenstein” and “Bride of Frankenstein” created by 8th grade students at Clarkton School of Discovery.


A+ Schools: What changes would you like see at Clarkton and/or what do you hope to accomplish as principal?

Marcus Edge: I would like to see more opportunities for students in the arts. Currently we have visual arts, band, and we just added theatre arts this year. I would love to see dance and chorus at Clarkton and to bring more arts integration into the non-arts classroom setting.

A+ Schools: What are your hopes for the students and staff at Clarkton?

Marcus Edge: Our new mission statement is “Discover potential and ignite excellence”. This is what I hope our students and staff will continue to do each and every day. I want our students to have a passion for learning, enhanced by opportunities to discover talents that may be hidden, like I did. I have a great staff that pours their hearts into our students to help them accomplish this mission.

A+ Schools: How can the A+ network support your goal of reviving arts integration and A+ practice at your school?

Marcus Edge: Building partnerships and networking with other A+ schools and leaders can help us learn how to create a passion for arts integration in both our staff and our students. I hope our staff can see the impact A+ Schools can have to boost student confidence and academics in order to build on the talents of each child in our school.

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