Sabine Gruffat

Sabine Gruffat

Computer-Based Art | Chapel Hill

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Sabine Gruffat is an artist who works with experimental video and animation, media-enhanced performance, participatory public art, and immersive installation. Her digital works question the divergent and oftentimes fraught relationships between technology, society, and the environment.  As she states, “Through machines, we are at once connected to and disconnected from the larger world. Machines make us mobile, but they can also track our movements. They allow us to communicate, but they can also hack our emails and eavesdrop on our calls. As a digital artist, I am critical of these technologies while also inspired to work with them to explore their aesthetic possibilities and to reimagine their impact on us.”

Her public installations encourage active participation with the viewer.  It is through these inclusive and immersive experiences that she “seeks to empower people, encourage social participation, and inspire political engagement.” Gruffat is currently working on projects that explore the issues of female embodiment and self-esteem in virtual environments through the medium of gaming software. In addition to her digital works and installations, she has created experimental and essay films that further illuminate the impact of technology on human beings and the environment.

Gruffat is a 2018-2019 N.C. Arts Council Artist Fellowship recipient. Her interactive video and sound installation piece, A Kiss of the Earth, was exhibited at the North Carolina Museum of Art in 2017. She has received awards for her experimental and essay filmmaking, including The LIFT and PIX FILM Studio Immersion Program Award supported by the Petman Foundation (2018), and the Michael Moore Award for Best Documentary Film at the Ann Arbor Film Festival (2015). She received her M.F.A. from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and lives in Chapel Hill.