Military and Veterans Programs

North Carolina has one of the largest military populations in the U.S., and the N.C. Arts Council has long supported arts programming for our service members, veterans, and military families. Former North Carolina Poet Laureate, Joseph Bathanti, worked with veterans as his signature program while in office.

Recently, interest in arts and military programming has intensified with two major initiatives in our state:  

Military and Veterans Healing Arts Grants

The arts provide important support for the unique needs of service men and women, veterans and their families, according to research from the National Endowment for the Arts.

For military audiences, engaging in arts activities:

  • Enhances healing and provides essential health benefits at every stage from recovery to wellness.
  • Strengthens a sense of self, and creates opportunities to tell one’s story through many disciplines.
  • Builds a connection with the community and diminishes feelings of isolation.


Staff Contact:

Vicki Vitiello, Director of Operations & Arts Learning
(919) 814-6504