Grassroots Arts Program Grants

The Grassroots Arts Program (GAP) provides per capita-based funding for arts programming to all 100 counties across North Carolina ensuring opportunities for citizens to experience the arts in their own communities. Activities include festivals, concerts, dance and theater productions, artist-in-schools programs, galleries, Native American powwows, art classes and African drumming circles.

Grassroots funds are distributed in every county in North Carolina through the following types of partnerships:

  • Designated County Partners
    In most counties, local arts councils have been nominated by their county governments and approved by the N.C. Arts Council as Designated County Partners (DCPs) to manage and program Grassroots Funds.
  • Provisional County Partners
    In counties without DCPs, the N.C. Arts Council has selected an organization to serve as the Provisional County Partner (PCP) to oversee the distribution and management of Grassroots funds on a temporary (year-to-year) basis.
  • Regional Arts Partners
    Regional Arts Partners manage the distribution of Grassroots Arts Program funds in multiple counties. These organizations are established arts councils that collaborate with neighboring counties to program, administer and manage grassroots funds. Often the Regional Arts Partners collaborate with the school systems, community colleges or local municipalities in their partnering counties.

Local arts councils are also eligible to apply for funds to support artists in their communities.

Staff Contact 

Leigh Ann Wilder
Creative Economies Director
(919) 814-6508