Arts in Education Grants

This program provides students with arts learning experiences that spark creativity, imagination, and innovation. Arts In Education (AIE) grant categories include cARTwheels, which tours some of the state’s finest artists to communities across North Carolina, and Artist Residencies, which supports artists working in schools or after school programs for 10 days or more.  

The AIE program provides support to schools and nonprofit organizations to strengthen the use of the arts in pre-K–12 settings. We give priority to funding fees for professional artists to work in educational settings and collaborations between arts organizations and schools. Arts in Education grants are not intended to substitute for a school’s arts education program.

There are two AIE grant categories:

  1. cARTwheels
  2. Artist Residencies

NOTE: Applicants cannot submit proposals in both AIE grant categories. They must choose either cARTwheels or Artist Residencies.

Staff Contact

Michelle Burrows
(919) 814-6503