The N.C. Arts Council’s grants are one of the many ways we invest in sustaining and advancing the most diverse and widespread networks of arts organizations in the country. In fact, 80-percent of our funds flow directly to arts organizations and artists across North Carolina.

Our work reaches into all 100 North Carolina counties with more than 2,500 arts and culture nonprofit organizations creating and sustaining innovative arts programs that contribute to quality of life and to community vitality. Arts events leverage additional spending by their audiences in local restaurants, shops, and businesses. These arts activities are centerpieces of downtown revitalization and essential to attracting new businesses, as well as residents and visitors. These organizations are also critical resources for schools in providing arts experiences in and out of the classroom that enhance student learning.

Our grant programs line-up with the priorities of state government, especially in the areas of economic development and education.

Grant awards are based on rigorous criteria that help keep the arts industry’s standards of practice at the highest level and are recommended by a panel of civic leaders and arts experts that consider artistic merit, benefit of the project to the state’s citizens, and the organizational strength and capacity in making their decisions.