NC Heritage Awards Nominations and Ceremony Postponed

February 4, 2019

The next cycle for the North Carolina Heritage Award program will begin in 2020 rather than this year. Nominations will be accepted in January 2020 and the awards ceremony will take place the following year, in 2021. 

The North Carolina Arts Council considers the Heritage Awards to be one of its most important programs. Recognition of the state’s traditional artistry has helped to define North Carolina’s culture, identity and diversity. The recipients of the North Carolina Heritage Award demonstrate the immutable link between community, art and self-expression that characterizes the power of the traditional arts to make meaningful connections with audiences across the state.

Postponing the Heritage Awards was a difficult but necessary decision for the Folklife Program. The North Carolina Arts Council looks forward to a busy Year of Music through Come Hear North Carolina and Folklife Program staff will support several special music projects that have folklife content. Other new initiatives over the next year include the creation of folklife fellowship and apprenticeship programs that require the attention and time of our staff. Finally, we anticipate several staff transitions that will that require some immediate adjustments in program priorities.

We value the hard work that is required to craft a nomination, and we are deeply grateful to those who devote their time to advocate for our state’s traditional artists. Folklife staff is happy to consult with traditional artists and their supporters about the Heritage Awards program at any time. We hope to take advantage of this one-year hiatus to broaden the reach of the Heritage Awards program and to encourage thoughtful nominations.

We will announce the call for nominations next January 2020. Please direct any inquiries to Sally Peterson or Zoe Van Buren in the Folklife Office.