N.C. Arts Council Strategic Plan | Call for Public Input

The North Carolina Arts Council is a state agency tasked with sustaining and growing the arts for the benefit of North Carolinians in all 100 counties. We serve the state by doing the following:

  • Create and promote best practices for how the arts are utilized for public benefit
  • Provide a statewide vision to sustain and develop the arts in all 100 counties
  • Offer grants and technical assistance to the arts sector through a competitive and equitable process
  • Undertake arts initiatives in economic development, education, and health care that bring benefits to our residents, their communities, and our state

It’s now time for us to refresh our strategic plan, and we are looking three years ahead. To help guide the creation of a long-range vision for the arts in North Carolina, we seek input from citizens, artists, arts managers, and key stakeholders across the state. The Arts Council invites you to provide input on its strategic plan by completing this survey.  

Deadline for comments: October 31, 2021. 

Survey Questions

Part 1: opportunities and challenges
Part 2: the N.C. Arts Council’s drafted goals

Here are the core beliefs and goals currently proposed for our new strategic plan. Your feedback will help us determine whether these are the goals and beliefs that should guide our work over the next three years. In addition, your comments and ideas will prove valuable as we develop specific strategies for each of the adopted goals.

The arts are creative expressions of ideas, values, and emotions that deepen our understanding of the world and of the human condition. The arts express accumulated cultural knowledge as well as spark innovations that empower humans to realize their potential and meet challenges. Our society’s shared experiences are expressed through the arts, connecting North Carolinians of diverse backgrounds and strengthening us in times of tribulation. A conviction that the arts are essential to the learning, growth, and well-being of our state’s residents and their communities in all 100 counties inspires our programs and initiatives.

I.  Provide leadership to address the need for greater diversity, equity, accessibility, and inclusion within the state’s nonprofit arts sector.

II. Revitalize North Carolina’s creative economy to help the state recover from the pandemic.

III. Prepare students for success in school and in life.

IV. Advocate for resources that enable artists and arts organizations to meaningfully reach North Carolinians and their communities.

V. Engage North Carolinians of diverse backgrounds and interests in order to communicate and discuss the public value of the state’s arts and cultural resources.

Part 3: tell us a little about yourself