Mary B. Regan Community Artist Residency

In honor of former Executive Director Mary B. Regan’s 39 years of service to the arts and artists of North Carolina, the North Carolina Arts Council Board established the Mary B. Regan Community Artist Residency, a grant designed to support innovative artist-in-residence projects in communities in North Carolina.

The award was conceived to honor Mary’s long-held beliefs in the importance of the contributions of artists and the transformative potential of creativity to community life.

Previous Recipients

2015 DeWayne Barton, Asheville

2013 Frank Brannon, Dillsboro

Program Description

Applicants will propose up to a one-year project that engages a North Carolina community in a meaningful way involving targeted groups in extended activities and culminating in public events and/or the creation of artwork(s) sited in public settings. Projects may address local or regional issues, or be exclusively aesthetically focused, but should not focus primarily on school-age children as the audience.

Initial proposals must demonstrate a clear project idea, articulate achievable goals, and summarize the applicant’s qualifications and interest in the project. Finalists will be invited to interview and be asked to provide more detailed plans, including proposed partnerships, a timeline and budget for implementation of the project, desired outcomes, and additional sources of support or fundraising strategies, as necessary.

The residency award will be $12,500. Artists are encouraged to develop partnerships with nonprofit organizations and raise additional funds for the project to supplement the award.

Who May Apply

Artists in all disciplines are eligible to apply for the March 15, 2018 deadline.  Artists may submit only one application in the category. For collaborations and artist groups, only one member of the collaborative team or group should submit the application on behalf of the collective; however, the names and résumés of all collaborating members must be included in the application and all collaborators must meet the eligibility guidelines. Artists may apply for both the Mary B. Regan Community Artist Residency and the North Carolina Arts Council Artist Fellowship in the same year, but may not receive both awards.


Residency applicants must certify on the application form that they:

  • Are at least 18 years old
  • Are a U.S. citizen or holder of permanent resident alien status
  • Have been a year-round resident of N.C. for at least one year immediately prior to the application deadline
  • Will remain an N.C. resident during the grant period and be physically present in the state the majority of the grant period
  • Are not enrolled at the time of application and will not be enrolled during the grant period in an academic or degree-granting program.

The artist(s) recommended for a community artist residency will be required to supply proof of current N.C. residency status and to sign a contract pledging compliance with the eligibility rules listed above. Nonprofit organizations are not eligible to apply in this category.

What We Fund

A community artist fellowship in the amount of $12,500 supports planning and implementation costs related to the proposed project. Residency funds may be used to:

  • Support the artist’s time and travel related to the project
  • Buy relevant materials, supplies, and equipment
  • Hire assistants or contractors
  • Purchase liability and other appropriate insurance
  • Pay for documentation or other project expenses

How We Make Funding Decisions

Proposals will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

  • Artistic merit of the applicant’s work
  • Strength of the project concept
  • Experience in community-based work
  • Thoroughness of planning and project design and involvement of relevant partners
  • Articulation of desired outcomes and potential to impact the community

The selection process will involve a preliminary review of artistic merit and project feasibility, followed by interviews of the finalists by a multidisciplinary panel to determine the recommended artist.

Deadline and Project Period

The deadline for submission of the online application is March 15, 2018. We do not accept applications sent by mail, fax, or email. All grant-related activities must take place between July 1, 2018 and June 30, 2019.


The Application Process

Applications for the Community Artist Residency will be reviewed using a two-stage process. For the first round, artists will submit a statement of interest and summary of the project idea, along with work samples, résumé, and optional supporting materials. After a panel review, finalists will be invited to develop a more thorough presentation of their residency concept, including a budget, timeline, and other evidence of their plans, and respond to questions by the panel during an interview. One artist or artist team will be recommended for the award.

How to Apply

The 2018-19 deadline is Thursday, March 15, 2018. The application will be available online on January 8, 2018.  Applicants will submit the form electronically through the GO-Smart portal ( If you don't have a computer at home, all public libraries have computers available for public use. Here is the link to the statewide library directory.

Applicant Registration

To get started, all artists will follow this link to the GO-Smart online portal (formerly known as AGO) If you have applied in the past, you can click login. If you have forgotten your username and password, you can retrieve them in the login page.

If you are a new applicant, the first step is to create your applicant profile. This page provides us with your basic information, such as your name and ways to contact you during and at the conclusion of the process. Be sure to check “Individual” when creating your profile. In the User Information fields, enter your name the way you would like to be listed on our records and in our application records. Your record will be alphabetized by the first letter of the name you enter in the Last Name field, so if you have a hyphenated or double last name, be sure to enter it in its entirety here. Fill in all the required information and click “Submit.” When you return to GO, you can click the “Login” button.

If you need to update your profile information during this and future individual grant applications, you can click the “Edit Profile” button. Should any of your contact information change during the course of the review, please correct your profile online and email your program director to update our records.

Once your profile is complete, click on “Current Programs and Applications” and find Community Artist Residency 2018-19. This is where you begin your application or edit a saved application in progress.


Please respond to the identifying questions at the top of the page before you proceed to the narrative.

  • Name: The name you enter here should correspond to the name you entered in the Primary Contact Information fields in the profile.
  • Discipline: Select the discipline that most closely describes the project focus.
  • Genre/medium: The genre/medium should describe the work samples you submit.

You will also indicate if your application is a collaboration with one or more other artists. Only one member of an artist team should submit an application for the group. Work samples should represent work by the current members of the collaborative team or, ideally, work done as a team. The résumé document should represent all collaborators. Members of a team may not also submit separate residency applications to support their own projects. Eligibility requirements apply to all members of the team. You should consult the appropriate program director prior to submitting a collaborative application. 

The narrative questions are your opportunity to present your residency idea, explain why you are interested in the residency, and describe your qualifications to undertake and complete it successfully.

Your narrative must address the following questions:

  • Provide a concise summary of your community artist project idea and overall goals.
  • Briefly explain what the term “community artist” means to you and why you are interested in the residency.
  • Describe your qualifications to undertake a community artist residency.

Each question will be answered in a separate text box, with a specified character limit. No budget is required at this stage of the process, but panelists will consider whether your project idea is feasible with the grant award ($12,500) and any other matching or in-kind resources you plan to contribute.

Work Sample and Support Material Requirements

Please see the Work Sample and Support Material PDF

What Happens Next

After you submit the application electronically, you will receive an automatic email confirming its receipt. Arts Council staff reviews all of the applications for eligibility and completeness and prepares them for panel review, a process that can take several months, depending on the number of submissions.

A two-stage panel process will be conducted to review the applications and recommend the artists they consider most deserving of a community artist residency. We then submit the recommendations to the Secretary of Natural and Cultural Resources for approval.

We send letters to all of the applicants as soon as possible after approval is given, typically in late July/Early August, after the legislature passes a budget for the Arts Council.

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