Economic Development


Creative enterprises and entrepreneurs are rooted in the cultural traditions of North Carolina and have always contributed to the state's strong creative economy. Combined with an arts infrastructure that stretches across N.C. into all 100 counties, the arts in North Carolina create jobs, generate tax revenues, create products, encourage consumer spending and cultural tourism.

Programs of the North Carolina Arts Council that stimulate and revitalize the state's communities include the SmART Initiative and cultural tourism. Through an ongoing research and evaluation program, we document the impact of the Creative Economy in our state.

North Carolina's arts infrastructure builds vibrant communities from the mountains to the coast and enhances the quality of life that makes our communities places where people want to live, work and visit.



Economic Contribution

Creative jobs — creative occupations increased by 27 percent from 2006 to 2016 from 126,494 to 161,105 jobs or 2.7 percent of North Carolina’s workforce.

Workforce contributions — North Carolina's creative industries are responsible for more than 417,000 jobs, 7.2 percent of North Carolina’s workforce. These jobs generate $18 billion in wages, salaries and benefits.

Economic growth — Creative Industries produce $29 billion in revenues and $10 billion in exports.

Tourism — Arts travelers spend more money and stay longer.

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