WUNC Music Presents: Come Hear NC on the Songs We Love Podcast

February 14, 2019

WUNC Music launches a new series this week that explores North Carolina music one song at a time called Come Hear NC on the Songs We Love podcast. All year they are asking people from the music community to come and talk about a song that they think says something about our home state. North Carolina is home to ground breaking artists spanning gospel to indie rock, old time to metal, country to hip hop, beach music to jazz. They will bring in musicians, writers and club owners to talk about the songs they love. You may be surprised by some of their choices.

The series launches with episode zero out on Valentine’s Day. There are new episodes of the podcast every Saturday. WUNC will also be broadcasting a radio version of the series every Saturday at 5:34 PM (during All Things Considered) and Sunday at 9:34 AM (during Weekend Edition).

Come Hear NC on the Songs We Love Podcast is hosted by WUNC’s Eric Hodge.  It’s produced in cooperation with Come Hear North Carolina, an effort lead by the North Carolina Arts Council and the Department of Natural & Cultural Resources to celebrate the breadth of North Carolina Music.


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