On This Day In History WDAV Classical Public Radio Aired its First Broadcast

December 1, 2019

WDAV-FM aired its first broadcast on December 1, 1978. From its humble beginnings as a low-power station run by Davidson College students, WDAV has grown to become one of nation’s top classical radio stations. Approximately 110,000 regional listeners tune in each week and 37,000 listen through the station’s streaming service.


Sixteen Years Ago Today, "A Carolina Jubilee" Was Introduced to the World

August 19, 2019

On this day in history The Avett Brothers released their first studio album A Carolina Jubilee. The album featured the early fan favorites "Pretty Girl from Raleigh" and "Love Like The Movies," and was released by Ramseur Records, a label and management company created and run by fellow North Carolina Music Hall of Famer Dolph Ramseur.


Happy Birthday Libba Cotten!

January 5, 2019

American blues and folk musician Elizabeth “Libba” Cotten was born on January 5, 1893 in Carrboro, N.C. Perhaps best known for teaching the world “Freight Train,” Cotten grew up near the railroad track which inspired her to write “Freight Train” at age 11, two years before she went to work as a domestic worker.

Married at 17, Cotten spent years moving around the country with her husband Frank Cotten only to divorce and settle in Washington, D.C. once her daughter was married. While doing domestic work for the family of composer and folklorist Ruth Crawford Seeger and Charles Seeger, Cotten idly picked up a guitar and revealed herself to be precisely the kind of folk musician the Seegers held up as an ideal. By then she was more than 60-years-old. Seeger’s son Mike recorded her songs, releasing them just in time for the Folk Revival of the early 1960s. Cotten toured the world and won a Grammy in 1984 a year before her death. Her music has been covered by Joan Baez, Bob Dylan and Doc Watson, and her signature fingerpicking style - crafted in part because she played her guitar upside down and backwards, is known as “Cotten picking.”

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