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 “J. Cole went platinum with no features!” echoed throughout the social media-verse after the rapper’s third studio album, 2014 Forest Hills Drive, sold its millionth copy.

Chris Malarkey, General Manager of The Lincoln, stands in front of an popular mural located inside the Raleigh venue.

Listen Local is a video series profiling unique venues and places where music is made, performed and celebrated in North Carolina. We kick-off the series with a story about American Aquarium's annual Roadtrip to Raleigh show at The Lincoln Theatre.

Women! Mount Airy Old-Time Workshops Preview

Some of the most esteemed and respected women in old-time music will lead workshops during the Women! Mount Air Old-Time Workshops scheduled Thursday, Feb. 28 to Saturday, March 2.


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The Ocean City Community, founded in 1949, was the only place African Americans could purchase coastal property in North Carolina, 15 years before the Civil Rights Act was passed. In 2009 the Ocean City Beach Council conceived the idea of a summertime family celebration to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the Ocean City community.

With over 120 bands across 3 days in September, Hopscotch is known for adventurous lineups, memorable performances, and a fan-friendly atmosphere. From large outdoor main stages in Raleigh City Plaza and Red Hat Amphitheatre to intimate club shows, the festival features music in almost every genre imaginable – rock, hip-hop, metal, folk, electronic, experimental, and more – and its schedule highlights this diversity every year.

Wide Open Bluegrass will once again feature a North Carolina musicians stage, sponsored by the Department of Natural & Cultural Resources. The free street festival features IBMA and Grammy Award winners, top-notch emerging acts, traditional bluegrass, and acts that stretch the boundaries across eight stages in downtown Raleigh.