On The Record: Nice Price Books & Records

March 6, 2019
Welcome back to On The Record
A series about North Carolina Record Stores

In a world that grows more digital by the second, record stores remain vital community hubs for people interested in connecting in-person with fellow music-lovers. In college towns, cities large and small and creative downtowns across North Carolina, record stores offer space to talk music with fellow aficionados, engage physically with the media, and spend time “treasure hunting” for that forgotten gem in the used bin. We’ve invited record stores across the state to share their stories throughout the Come Hear North Carolina campaign. For the second installment in the series, we welcome Enoch from Nice Price Books & Records in Raleigh.


What is the name of your store and where are you based?

Nice Price Books & Records + Nice Price Jr, both based in Raleigh.

How long have you been in operation?

Originally opened in 1992, we have owned for 5 years.

Tell us a bit about your store. What is its mission and why is the community you serve a good place for your business?

We want to have as many interesting and odd and informative things as we can to serve the interesting and odd and informative people that surround us here in North Carolina.

Tell us about your customers. Who is buying records? How has that changed over time? What do you think is driving the vinyl resurgence?

All sorts of people are buying records. The ‘never stopped buying’ crowd, the ‘never owned a CD so vinyl is the only format they purchase’ crowd and the 'holy crap they re-pressed all my favorite albums' crowd. As people become more and more disconnected from their community with work and the internet some people seek out a more tactile experience and interaction. We try and be there for that.

How people consume, and access music has changed dramatically in the last decade. What do record stores offer in this ever-growing digital/streaming music landscape?

Conversation. Actually caring [about] what you like and might like. The internet does lots of great things, but it doesn't say "oh man I love this record too!" when you pick it up

Thank you so much for participating in our giveaway, please tell us which record you are sharing and why you picked it.

Future Islands - On the Water. Recorded by Eastern North Carolina natives, many of the songs deal with the issue of being from and loving somewhere [while] also having to leave that place. In this particular case, [that’s] Eastern North Carolina.

Where can people find you online?

Website: www.nicepricebooksandrecords.com/


Twitter: @NicePriceBooks

Instagram: @NicePriceBooks , @NicePriceBooksJr , @TheNicePricePodcast

Essential North Carolina albums according to Nice Price Books & Records

Future Islands - On the Water

Betty Davis - They Say I'm Different

Randy Travis - Old 8x10