M.C. Taylor and Phil Cook 50 for 50

July 15, 2019

M.C. Taylor and Phil Cook are two anchors of Durham's indie music community. Phil is known for making music with his band Megafaun and The Guitarheels and for playing in M.C.'s American folk band Hiss Golden Messenger, an outfit widely praised for its genre-blending soul-searching music. In honor of the North Carolina Arts Council's anniversary, 50 renowned artists with North Carolina roots wished us a Happy 50th Anniversary by sharing their North Carolina arts story and reflecting on why public funding for the arts matters. In this episode of the Arts Across NC podcast, Phil and M.C. reflect on how collaboration, community, and a deep appreciation for North Carolina's music history define their artistry.

Listen to our interview with Hiss Golden Messenger's M.C Taylor and Phil Cook and see the whole post at the link below.

This episode featured original music created by Phil Cook for the 50 for 50 project, and excerpts from two Hiss Golden Messenger songs: Caledonia and Heart Like a Levee.

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