Listen Local: The Lincoln Theatre Feat. American Aquarium

February 11, 2019

Listen Local is a video series profiling unique venues and places where music is made, performed and celebrated in North Carolina. We kick-off the series with a story about American Aquarium's annual Roadtrip to Raleigh show at The Lincoln Theatre. Frontman B.J. Barham created the alt-country band in Raleigh in the early 2000s. Growing nationwide acclaim keeps them on the road for much of the year, which is why the band established an annual hometown show that highlights Raleigh's thriving creative community and devotion to local music

The Lincoln Theatre, an 800-person venue housed in a building that was once an African American movie theatre in segregation era Raleigh, hosts the homecoming show every year. In addition to supporting the indie-rock market, The Lincoln Theatre regularly presents hip-hop, heavy metal and country performances. The owners of The Lincoln recently opened a sister club in Greenville, N.C. called The State Theatre.