The Cat's Cradle: A Cultural Powerhouse for 50 Years

Come Hear North Carolina
December 22, 2019


The Cat’s Cradle might be North Carolina’s most storied music venue. Established in 1969, the venue has presented some of the best local and national acts to music-loving college students for generations. From The Veldt and Superchunk to Ben Folds Five and Mandolin Orange, the venue is known for intentionally providing support for Triangle-based groups, many of which have gone on to achieve regional and national acclaim. This month, the Cats Cradle will celebrate its 50 th Anniversary with Cradle 50, a six-night series of concerts featuring 40 bands and numerous special guests. The festival kicks off on December 27th and will present some of the Cradle’s most die-hard ambassadors: Superchunk, Dex Romweber, Southern Culture on the Skids and more. Find details and tickets here.