American Aquarium's 6th Annual Roadtrip to Raleigh Show Takes Oak City By Storm

North Carolina Arts Council
January 22, 2020

American Aquarium will take Raleigh, North Carolina by storm on January 24 and 25, 2020 for its 6th Annual Roadtrip to Raleigh. The Lincoln Theatre hosts the annual homecoming show for the country-rock band, and their two-day residency is already sold out. For a taste of what the weekend entails - which includes food, drink and even tattoo specials at Raleigh institutions frequented by frontman B.J. Barham - watch the video below.

The Lincoln Theatre, an 800-person venue housed in a building that was once an African American movie theatre in segregation era Raleigh, hosts the homecoming show every year. In addition to supporting the indie-rock market, The Lincoln Theatre regularly presents hip-hop, heavy metal and country performances. The owners of The Lincoln recently opened a sister club in Greenville, N.C. called The State Theatre.